Brightline's New Website Launched on May Day

On May 1, 2017 (May Day), Brightline launched its new website. Connected to Brightline by Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Catchafire in March 2017, Jon David Powers and his skilled development team donated dozens of hours to the design and promotion of Brightline’s new website, its first overhaul in seven years.  

On previous May Days, Brightline has celebrated workers and the ferocious historical struggle that led to the creation of the 40 hour work week and many other important wins for workers’ rights.

In light of a new federal administration that threatens the broader existence of our communities, May 1st now calls for an expanded collaboration between immigrants, workers, and community organizers.  Brightline closed its office for May Day and joined the thousands of protestors marching the streets throughout the Bay Area, with additional demonstrations occurring across the country.  

San Francisco, CA - May Day, 2017

San Francisco, CA - May Day, 2017

Brightline thanks Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Catchafire for their efforts to uplift the organization and our service to local, low-income communities. Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Catchafire's unique partnership created an unexpected connection for Brightline to professionally skilled volunteer Jon Powers, a U.S. veteran dedicated to social justice.  Fortified by this “brand new website, same old grassroots" mentality, Brightline looks forward to scaling up its communications impact and honoring the legacy of its longtime community inspiration, Dr. Espanola Jackson.