Solar Power Is For Everyone
Date: Nov 01, 2010
Campaign for: Renewable Energy

Our work on renewable energy began in early 2008 when the campaign to shut down the Potrero Power Plant without new power plants required the identification of alternatives to dirty fossil fuel generation in Southeast San Francisco.


In early 2008 Mayor Gavin Newsom, Assessor Phil Ting, SF Public Utilities Commissioner David Hochschild, and the Sierra Club proposed a solar incentive program called GoSolarSF that sought to catalyze solar adoption in San Francisco County, which at that time ranked dead last in terms of solar installed per capita among the nine Bay Area Counties.

We supported that program after an amendment by Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi added a low-income incentive to spur solar adoption in communities not typically targeted for renewable energy investment.

Espanola Goes Solar

While the GoSolarSF program was immediately successful in quickly doubling the amount of solar panels on San Francisco rooftops, by early 2009 the low-income component had lagged far behind. Our community godmother, Espanola Jackson, stepped up and was among the first low-income homeowners to apply to go solar.

On May 24, 2009, Ms. Jackson kicked off a solar revolution in Bayview-Hunters Point with the help of Grid Alternatives, Luminalt, Brightline, and the Southeast Jobs Coalition when 20 local Bayview residents installed solar panels on her house with free training provided by Grid and Luminalt.

Since that time, the low-income solar incentive has been the most popular component of the GoSolarSF program, and Brightline worked with Supervisor Chris Daly to implement SolarCity's commitment to develop a solar training program for Bayview residents, crafting an amendment to the program that requires all solar companies to hire community workers from the City's workforce development system beginning in July 2010.

Sunset Reservoir

Our work on the Sunset Reservoir solar project was part of our Green Jobs For Communities campaign. In April 2009, we initially withheld our support for the City's plan for 5-megawatts on top of a reservoir in the Sunset District until we were able to work out a 30% disadvantaged community hiring requirement with the SFPUC, CityBuild, Recurrent Energy, BASS Electric, labor, and our allies in the Southeast Jobs Coalition. An agreement was signed the morning of the final committee vote on the project, and the support of Brightline and the Southeast Jobs Coalition has been called critical to the project's passage.

Supervisors Eric Mar and Carmen Chu co-sponsored the project with Mayor Newsom, and Sup. Mar in particularly worked diligently to make sure the project was not just about solar, but about increasing green awareness and opportunity in San Francisco's environmental justice communities. Though there were bumps in the road, by the time Sunset Reservoir's 25,000 solar panels were power on in December 2010, the 30% community hiring requirement had been met.


We support the City's community choice aggregation program, CleanPowerSF, and we are currently working with allies from the Sierra Club, Green Party, Local Clean Energy Alliance, Global Exchange and other groups for a plan to develop 360 megawatts of local renewable generation and efficiency in San Francisco.

What's Next?

Brightline Executive Director Joshua Arce is a member of Mayor Edwin Lee's 100% Renewable Energy Task Force and we seek to advocate a policy that requires a portion of renewable generation required by the California Renewable Portfolio Standard must be located in-state.

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